Why Choose Dental Implants?

The number of Americans estimated to be missing at least one tooth is 178 million, and 22% of them are missing all of their teeth.  The most prevalent causes of tooth loss are cavities, gum or bone disease, and injury.  A dental implant is a simulated root inserted below the jawline that holds a prosthetic tooth in place.  Over time, these implants have become the first choice of dentists and their patients for several good reasons. You can never replace natural teeth, but dental implants are the next best option, and here’s why.


When even one tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth move toward the open space affecting your bite.  The shifting also makes it more difficult to clean the area, leading to decay, and eventually, bone loss.

Bone Loss

When a tooth is lost, your jawbone around the area weakens and can ultimately affect whether or not you are a candidate to get a dental implant.

Oral Hygiene

Implants are easier to keep clean since you can brush and floss the same as your natural teeth.  Non-removable bridges are more difficult to care for, which may lead to decay, and dentures must be removed for proper cleaning.


Bridges and dentures become uncomfortable over time due to your jawbone’s shifting structure and should be replaced every five to ten years.  With a 98% success rate, well placed dental implants can last a lifetime.

Improved Bite

With a dental implant, you are more likely to enjoy a wider variety of nutritious foods which may be restricted by choosing other less sturdy options to fix a lost tooth.

 Comfort and Discretion

Since the implants are permanently in place, there are no awkward adjustments to eating or speaking and offer the look and feel of natural teeth.  Implants also help preserve the shape of your face, which can be affected by bone loss from missing teeth.

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