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The Basics Behind Crowns & Bridges

If your teeth have been damaged from decay, lack of care, or even a traumatic accident, you may need more extensive dental work like crowns and bridges. Each of these unique treatments serves a specific purpose and depending on your dental needs, these treatments could save you from suffering any more potential damage or pain. If you are interested in learning more about what dental treatments would work best for you or want to find a practice that works well for your whole family, contact Fenton Family Dentistry today. Here are a few basics on how crowns and bridges work and how they could be perfect for you.


If your tooth has begun to decay or the top is damaged, a crown can easily protect the affected area from further issues. In order to protect the remaining healthy portions of your tooth, we first have to go in and remove any portions of your tooth that were affected by the decay. Once we have cleaned and cleared out the tooth we can then begin capping the area with a crown. Your crown can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from gold alloys to porcelain and ceramic. Gold alloys are extremely durable and cost-efficient, but they will be much more noticeable than alternative materials. If you are looking for a more discreet option to blend into your natural teeth, porcelain or ceramic will be much more subtle. Ceramic options are known to be extremely durable and can seamlessly blend into any shade of tooth. Porcelain, on the other hand, can be more brittle on its own but can be just as durable when bonded to a metal shell. No matter what your budget is, we are happy to help you find the perfect material to fit your needs.


If you are missing a tooth or a few teeth, a bridge can help seamlessly fill that gap with a durable and convincing replacement. We will begin by taking a dental impression to get a comprehensive view of your remaining teeth and to choose the best course of action. In order for your bridge to fit comfortably and for it to be safe from bacteria, the two teeth on either side of the lost tooth will have to be filed down and have a crown placed on each to act as anchors for the bridge.  Using the impression of your teeth, we will create a fully customized bridge to fit perfectly into your remaining teeth, making it almost completely indiscernible from your natural teeth. Once your bridge has been successfully implanted, it should easily last for years or even decades as long as you follow some simple care guides.

No matter what kind of dental care you may need, our team of friendly and helpful dental experts ias here for you and your family. Come into Fenton Family Dentistry today to see how we can help you get the smile of your dreams.