Easing Your Child’s Fear Of The Dentist

December 14, 2020

One of the most common childhood fears is an irrational fear of the dentist. We get it; the dentist can be an intimidating place, especially if your family dentist doesn’t specialize in child dentistry. The traditional tools of a dentist can be a bit intimidating to young eyes. Everything from the small drills to the scrapers and picks that are traditionally used can be all but terrifying to children. Here at Fenton Family Dentistry, we have worked tirelessly to become a trusted dental practice for even our youngest patients. We go above and beyond to make sure that every child that visits our office is completely comfortable and prepared for any procedure that they need. If you would like to learn more about how we go the extra mile for our younger patients, contact the elite dental team here at Fenton Family Dentistry today. Here are three tools that we use to help our youngest patients feel comfortable and unafraid of the dentists.

Family First Approach

Here at Fenton Family Dentistry, we are a family-owned and operated, and we treat every family that walks through our doors as if they were our own. Our entire dental team knows just how important it is to support and help our youngest patients feel completely comfortable in our facility. From our fantastic receptionists to our industry-leading dental team, your child will receive a warm and friendly reception through every step of the process. No matter what your child needs to feel comfortable and secure, our team is here to help you and your family ensure that every one of you have the healthiest teeth possible. We also specialize in being a full family practice, so you can easily schedule one time for your whole family to visit!

Teaching Your Children Every Step Of The Way

One of the main reasons why children are afraid of the dentist is that they don’t know what to expect when they sit in that chair. We all know how creative children can be, and they can easily become afraid of things that they don’t understand. We negate these fears by explaining every step of your child’s dental journey to both you and your children. We’ve found that by going through the dental process with our younger patients that they feel much more comfortable with even the most involved procedures. It sure doesn’t hurt to know that you are going to get a cool toothbrush for being so brave on your appointment!

Focus On Comfort

Another common reason that children are afraid of the dentist is that they don’t feel comfortable in the office. With the quarantine that came along with 2020, children have been hit extremely hard, especially with their social skills and comfort in strange places. With this in mind, we go above and beyond to make children feel happy, with fun and goofy games to play, specialized child-friendly tools, and dozens of other helpful tips we’ve picked up over the years.

No matter what your family’s needs are, the team here at Fenton Family Dentistry is ready to help! Contact us to schedule your consultation today.