The Importance Of Regular Dental Care

September 15, 2021

Your teeth are some of the most important pieces of your overall health. Everything you eat and drink is chewed and goes past your teeth, and your adult teeth will have some serious strain put on them over the course of your life. If you don’t take proper care of your teeth, not only will your dental health suffer, but you could feel lasting health effects. Most dentists recommend that you come in at least every 6 months for a standard cleaning and to check in on your overall dental health. If you are looking for the perfect dental practice for you and your entire family, look no further than Fenton Family Dentistry. Our team will help make sure that every member of your family gets the perfect dental care every step of their dental journey. Here are three reasons why regular dental care is essential.

Catch Issues Before They Get Out Of Hand

No two people will have the same dental needs, and there is no universal road map for having beautiful and healthy teeth. By coming into your dentist’s office every 6 months, you can ensure that you are staying up to date on everything that your teeth need. Cavities can easily form over 6 months, making it extremely important to visit your dentist on this timeline. Cavities are much easier to treat when they are in their initial stages, and if you let cavities grow without keeping them in check, your cavity can easily grow into a painful infection that can work its way down into the pulp and eventually the root of your teeth. Infections can quickly spread and cause lasting damage to your jawbone as well, making them even more dangerous and potentially damaging.

Keep Your Smile Bright

Everyone wants a beautifully white smile, and the best way to keep your teeth looking great is through regular dental cleanings. We also offer a wide variety of in-office or at-home teeth whitening options that will work perfectly for even the most sensitive teeth. By coming in for regular dental visits, our team can quickly check in on how your whitening plan is going and adjust your routine as needed to help you get the results you are looking for.

Don’t Let Plaque Calcify

Dental plaque can quickly become a major issue, especially if it goes unchecked for any long period. You are probably familiar with the substance that your dentist has to scrape off your teeth during a cleaning. This substance is plaque, and the longer it sits on your teeth the harder it is to remove. Over time, this plaque can cause your gums to recede and can even bring on gingivitis.

No matter what your dental goals are, it is extremely important that you always come in for your regularly scheduled appointments. Regular and routine dental care is the best way to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and safe for decades to come. If you would like to learn more about our dental practice, come in for your free consultation at Fenton Family Dentistry today.