Cosmetic Contouring?

December 20, 2019

If little imperfections in your smile have you hiding it away, cosmetic contouring may be the answer for you.  Enameloplasty or tooth reshaping is a simple, fast, and painless dental procedure to correct slight issues in length, contour, and tooth surface to enhance your smile.  You could have a new look on your lunch break!…

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Are My Amalgam Fillings Safe?

November 20, 2019

Millions of patients over more than 150 years have had dental amalgam used to fill their cavities. Dental amalgam, also known as “silver fillings,” due to its appearance, is a blend of metals in both liquid and powder forms, including tin, copper, silver, and mercury. Amalgam remains the less costly and more durable option; however,…

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Why Are Sweets No Treat For Your Teeth

October 18, 2019

By now, we all know that too much sugar can wreak havoc on your oral health, but do you know how?  Sugar alone isn’t the culprit, but the sequence of events that happens after eating it causes the damage.  There is a constant struggle taking place in your mouth after indulging in sugary foods, so…

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Why Choose Professional Whitening?

September 23, 2019

A healthy mouth and pearly white teeth have been a common goal for ages.  The use of toothpaste to clean and whiten dates back to the Egyptians around 5000 BC.  It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from bark, ox hooves’, burnt eggshells, and pumice mixed in wine vinegar.  Thank goodness! These days…

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Botox And Your Dentist

August 29, 2019

The field of dentistry is emerging as a mainstream option for Botox treatments, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.  On the surface, it may seem out of place, but if we go more than skin deep, it makes perfect sense.  Let’s move past any preconceived notions and take a look at why, and…

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

July 12, 2019

The number of Americans estimated to be missing at least one tooth is 178 million, and 22% of them are missing all of their teeth.  The most prevalent causes of tooth loss are cavities, gum or bone disease, and injury.  A dental implant is a simulated root inserted below the jawline that holds a prosthetic…

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Electric or Manual Toothbrush?

June 14, 2019

There has been debate over the years regarding the performance of manual vs. electric toothbrushes.  Of course, brushing, in general, is the bedrock of good oral health and the American Dental Association (ADA) agrees that both are effective at removing plaque that causes decay.  However, either have pros and cons, depending on the individual. Electric…

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The Facts About Flossing

May 24, 2019

Flossing your teeth every day is critical to a healthy mouth and body.  Passing on this one simple step, even for a few days, allows bacteria to harden and stick between teeth leading to more invasive issues and expensive procedures down the road.  Floss Before or After Brushing? There are two schools of thinking here. …

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

April 29, 2019

Are you noticing changes in your mouth like red swollen gums or some bleeding after you brush your teeth?  Don’t ignore what could be signs of gum disease.  In its early stage, it’s known as gingivitis and only affects your gums.   If left untreated, the infection can migrate beneath your gum line and into your…

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What Does Bad Breath Mean?

March 28, 2019

Let’s face it; we’ve all had concerns about our breath at one point or another.  Halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, may be the result of diet, like that morning coffee, garlic at lunch or even a dry mouth caused by not drinking enough water throughout the day.  It may also be a sign of…

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