Botox® isn’t just used for eliminating wrinkles anymore! It’s quickly gaining popularity in the dentistry field because of all the incredible benefits it provides for your smile. Fenton Family Dentistry is proud to offer Botox® to our patients to help them feel better about their appearance.

Closeup of a female patient receiving a botox injection on her face

What is Botox®?

When Botox® is injected into a certain muscle group, it relaxes them. For cosmetic purposes, it reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles due to repetitive facial movements. A Botox® injection only lasts temporarily, which means you’ll need regular treatments to preserve and maintain its benefits.

How Botox® is Used in Dentistry

A Botox® injection can help many dental patients. Freezing the facial muscles can help with certain dental conditions and the side effects that come with them.

Botox® can help with the following concerns:

  • Adjusting to new dentures
  • TMJ disorder
  • Bruxism
  • High lip line or gummy smile
  • Enhance or reshape your smile

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Unfortunately, Botox® does not last forever. The protein used in the injection will eventually wear off after three to four months, and you will need to get another treatment to keep experiencing the benefits. Every patient is different and can have their own unique experience and results.

Some patients, particularly those who have previously had a Botox® treatment, can see results that last about four to six months. First-timers generally notice a shorter treatment time.

Want to Learn More About How Botox® Can Help You?

Are you ready to enhance your smile and quality of life with a Botox® treatment? Fenton Family Dentistry strives to provide the best care possible so you can look and feel your best. To learn more about how a Botox® treatment at our office can benefit you, please give us a call today.