Dental Implants

Bonding composite filling material with ultraviolet light dental tool.

When missing teeth aren’t replaced, it may cause the surrounding teeth to shift in the mouth. This can cause issues with speech, chewing, and overall appearance. In addition, when a gap exists, the teeth above may start to move downward, creating further difficulty.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for broken, removed, or missing teeth. Unlike crowns or veneers, a dental implant is a fixed piece of hardware, which serves as an anchor for an artificial tooth, permanent bridge, or in some cases, dentures.

Dental implants have a long history of successfully repairing damaged or lost teeth. By installing new teeth, chewing and speaking abilities, as well as the appearance of the smile, are restored. This procedure is a multi-step process, best performed by an experienced professional.  Great care is taken by Fenton Family Dentistry to guarantee a healthy, happy dental implant procedure.

The dental implant is a piece of hardware affixed to the jawbone or metal framework. This allows for long-term correction of the missing tooth without concern of the replacement teeth becoming loose or displaced.

The steps toward a dental implant:

  1. Examination: Fenton Family Dentistry staff will discuss the best options for you, and take any needed x-rays or scans.
  2. Hardware installation: The implant hardware is placed in the space left by the missing tooth.
  3. Healing: Before the artificial tooth, permanent bridge, or denture is installed, up to a week is given for the jawline to heal around the dental implant, allowing for a strong base for the new tooth.
  4. Tooth placement: The replacement teeth are fixed to the implant hardware.

With diligent care, dental implants can last for many years. A few best practices:

  • Brush and floss twice a day or more, especially after meals
  • Schedule regular cleanings and check-ups, every three to six months
  • Use additional oral hygiene products, such as mouth rinses
  • Continue professional monitoring of the implant, including x-rays

Fenton Family Dentistry offers a range of services to suit all your dental needs. Through careful examination, discussion of all potential solutions, and expert care, lifelong comfort and confidence is just a click away. Schedule your appointment today!