We understand the hesitation toward having a tooth pulled – most dental professionals only like to perform extractions as an absolute last resort! If breakage or decay is sufficiently advanced, standard treatments like root canal therapy are no longer adequate. Fenton Family Dentistry uses the latest dental technology and the highest care to ensure an effective and comfortable treatment.

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid or Delay an Extraction

It’s common for anxious patients to delay or avoid a tooth extraction. However, doing so can result in serious consequences. If you have an infection or disease, it can spread quickly to the surrounding tissues and teeth. You may experience life-threatening health complications or even the removal of additional teeth.

Removing the impacted tooth can keep you and the rest of your teeth safe. You will be under anesthesia to help you remain calm and free of pain during the procedure. Dr. Nivea and her team will go above and beyond to make you feel at ease during your treatment so you can be healthy again.

Selective photo of a gloved hand holding a dental tool with an extracted tooth in it

What Happens During the Treatment

Many patients feel less nervous if they know what to expect during their treatment. Here are the steps to a tooth extraction:

After examining the affected area and discussing your treatment options, your dentist will apply the local anesthesia and gently loosen the affected tooth from its socket. Once it’s loose, she will completely remove the tooth and clean the socket.

Once any remaining tooth fragments have been removed, your dentist will seal the opening to prevent infection and allow new bone to form in the socket.

What to Do After an Extraction

Caring for the extraction site is crucial for quick and comfortable healing. Follow these post-op instructions for the first few days after your surgery:

Do You Think You Need a Tooth Extraction?

You don’t need to dread a tooth extraction when you come to Fenton Family Dentistry. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns!