Tooth Extraction

Bonding composite filling material with ultraviolet light dental tool.

The thought of a tooth extraction no longer needs to be dreaded. Using the latest technology and the highest patient care standards, Fenton Family Dentistry specializes in treatment that’s both effective and comfortable.

For a variety of reasons, including improper care, cracks and breakages, or genetic factors, a tooth may require total removal. When the breakage or decay is sufficiently advanced, standard treatments such as root canal therapy are no longer adequate.

Sometimes, out of fear, people will delay a tooth extraction. But, if broken or highly decayed teeth aren’t removed, serious consequences can occur. Infection and disease can quickly spread to the surrounding tissues and teeth. Life-threating health-complications may result, requiring removal of additional teeth and hospitalization.

Extracting the tooth ensures the health of the patient, and of the remaining teeth. Dr. Nieva and the entire Fenton Family Dentistry team provide exceptional service and care so that our patients undergo a timely, comfortable extraction procedure.

The steps toward tooth extraction:

  1. Examination: Fenton Family Dentistry staff will discuss your best options based on the condition of your teeth, and take any needed x-rays or scans.
  2. Numbing: After a local anesthetic is applied for comfort, and the tooth is gently loosened from its socket.
  3. Extraction: The affected tooth is completely removed.
  4. Sterilization: The open socket is then cleaned, and any remaining tooth fragments are removed.
  5. Sealing: The opening is then sealed to prevent infection, allowing for the formation of new bone in the open socket.

With diligent care, tooth extraction is a permanent solution for decayed or broken teeth. A few best practices:

  • Avoid hot liquids and certain foods for a predetermined length of time. Consult with your dentist regarding the required healing period following an extraction.
  • Schedule regular cleanings and check-ups, every three to six months
  • Use additional oral hygiene products, such as mouth rinses
  • Continue professional monitoring of the tooth, including x-rays

Fenton Family Dentistry offers a range of services to suit all your dental needs. Through careful examination, discussion of all potential solutions, and expert care, lifelong comfort and confidence is just a click away. Schedule an appointment today.